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The Globe Store in Scranton, Pennsylvania

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The Globe Store is a former regional department store in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1883 by John Simpson and John Clelland and closed in 1994. The original store featured a variety of goods and was a major employer in the Scranton community. The building is currently undergoing renovations. The historic significance of the building cannot be overlooked. In the article below, we will explore The Globe Store's history. Also, we will look at future plans for the store and its history.

Scranton Tomorrow's visual merchandising project

The goal of Scranton Tomorrow's visual merchanising project is to create a mural incorporating 17 iconic characters from the hit TV show, The Office. It will feature a geometric pattern background, imagery, and quotes. It will be an impressive thirty-foot by 120-foot mural that will be featured in Scranton's downtown. If you're interested in making a statement about Scranton's past and present, then take a look at their project and consider giving them a donation.

Plans for a new wing at the Globe store

Lackawanna County will soon occupy the Globe building after the Lackawanna County government moved into it last spring. The new business will begin operations in the building in early 2019. The restoration work will start inside the Globe store. The Lackawanna County government plans to use the building as a civic center. The new wing will feature offices, meeting rooms and community spaces for community members and visitors.

The owner of the Globe Store, Hyman G. Ellis, recently purchased three properties on Court Street. The properties, including Sidney Mantell, jeweler and A. and P. Tea Company grocery store, now house businesses. He is planning to add a rear wing to the store. The wing will be 60 feet long and can accommodate up to 36,000 square feet of space. In addition, the wing will have an elevator and a new café.

The Lackawanna County Commission must approve the purchase of the building before any work can begin. Workers won't move in until after the renovations have begun. They will have to wait another two years for the work to be completed. Lackawanna County officials said the renovations will cost at least $18 million. The county will pay for it over 25 years. However, the commission's vote could not happen at this meeting because the former Globe store is owned by the Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce.

The Globe Store closed for about two decades due to competitive pressure from suburban malls and retail consolidation. The new mall connected the Globe Store with a pedestrian bridge. However, the Globe Store had a number of financial and legal problems. After its closure, PNC Bank seized its assets. Its former location became office space and is now occupied by Diversified Information Technologies. The pedestrian bridge that connected the old store to the new one became a furniture department at Boscov's.

In 1907, Hyman G. Ellis moved to Watertown, N.Y., and began looking for a small location to open a store. He settled on the basement of his old home, and within a few years, the Globe store gained local fame. Its original location on Wyoming Avenue was destroyed in a fire in 1889, and construction on the new building took place the following year.

The Globe building's design was derived from historical documents, maps and written accounts. McCurdy's practical research also contributed to the build. Maps and documents are not enough to describe how to join timber frames, but surviving buildings can tell you how carpentry was done back in 1599. Every aspect of the Globe store today has a story to tell. There's a lot of history behind it, and the Globe is a living laboratory.

Historical significance of the former department store

The new Lackawanna County Government Center is planned for the former Lackawanna County Globe store. The former shopping haven was a city highlight in the 19th century and a point of civic pride in the 20th. The store was owned by the founding families until 1979, when it became a division of John Wanamaker's. The company broke sales records into the 1980s. The new building will be a historical landmark for Scranton.

The Globe closed in 1993 due to competition from suburban malls and retail consolidations. In 1989, it was sold to private local owners again. In 1993, the building was converted to office space and occupied by Diversified Information Technologies. The building also had a restaurant, Charl-Mont. The Globe's jingle was a local earworm. The new mall is now called Steamtown.

During the early twentieth century, The Globe Store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, became famous in the northeast region. Founded in 1883 by John Cleland and Rita Lissefeld, it was one of the few department stores of its kind in Scranton. The Globe Store offered fashionable clothing, a large display window, and even a restaurant, the Charlmont. During the holidays, the store became a hot spot.

The historic Globe Store was one of the landmarks in downtown Scranton, PA. While it is no longer in business, Scranton Tomorrow is organizing a special window display to celebrate the store's former glory. The display will feature many different items from the department store, allowing visitors to connect with the old store and highlight the city's downtown. People from the area brought in various items from the store and have a chance to see them. Santa will also visit for a holiday wonderland.

The department stores were the first major department stores in the world. They occupied prime locations in downtown areas and were often the tallest buildings in the city. As they grew in popularity, they added other amenities such as lunch counters, lounges, and post offices. Many department stores also became cultural hubs. They hosted concerts, art exhibits, and other events. It was a place where the rich and famous could shop without being scrutinized by the public.