NEW RMT-D218A General Remote Control For Sony RDRHX715 RDR-HX715 RDR-HX710 RDR-HX715 RMT-D218A 147936111 Add DVD HDD Recorder

Brand Name: Tungcore

Use: Audio / Video Players

Certification: NONE

Origin: Mainland China

Wireless Communication: RF,IR

Support APP: No

Channel: 8

Package: Yes

Frequency: 433 MHz

Model Number: RMT-D218A

Battery description: : Alkaline

Maximum range: 0.16-0.32 feet

Number of batteries: Two No. 7 batteries require batteries

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About the product

RMT-D218A replaces Sony DVD recorder RDRHX 715 147936111 RDRHX715 RDR-HX710 RDR-HX715 RMT-D218A 147936111

1. Longer transmission distance and stable performance. Replace your damaged or old one and cover all functions of the original remote control.
2. High quality remote control and difficult to slide. Easy to use without programming or setup.
3. This product does not contain batteries. Customers need to buy 2 AAA batteries in local stores and put them in to work normally

Customer must read

1. before buying, as like as two peas, please confirm that the model and the buttons on the buttons must be exactly the same, so that they can be used normally (the TV model can only be used as a reference, not as the basis for purchase. Please note. Do not buy it according to the appearance of the remote control). If you have any questions, please consult and take another picture.
2. Picture Description: all pictures are taken in kind. Due to its own production factory, there are many product models, large quantities and many production times. Baby may have small differences in appearance (including logo, color, weight or others) due to the production batch, but the quality is the same. Please rest assured to buy!
3. When shopping online, you can't see the real object, and the display may have color difference, which will inevitably be different from what you think. Please ask the buyer to buy carefully. If you have any questions, please consult in advance to avoid unnecessary disputes afterwards!!
4. Quality assurance: the products sold in our store will use professional remote control testing instruments before delivery, and each button will be professionally tested. Please rest assured to buy!

after-sale service

1. It is guaranteed to be replaced within one year for non-human damage. It is guaranteed for two years. It is not guaranteed for damage such as water, falling and disassembly. The buyer and the Seller shall bear the round-trip freight within 40 days, and the buyer shall bear the round-trip freight after 40 days. If it is returned for non-quality reasons, the buyer shall bear the round-trip freight.
2. If the buyer buys it wrong or does not see the model, the round-trip freight will not be borne.
3. Pay before 8 o'clock on the same day, deliver on the same day, pay after 8 o'clock, and deliver on the next day.
4. Please open the package and check whether the goods are damaged before signing. If there is damage or the quantity is wrong, please refuse to sign and contact us in time.
5. After signing, the store will no longer bear any responsibility

Relevant evaluation

1. If there is any problem, please contact us for negotiation. If there is no direct medium or poor evaluation, all complaints are malicious evaluation and are deemed to automatically waive the warranty right.
2. Cherish the right of evaluation, understand each other and understand the seller's satisfaction and the hard work of selling goods!


1. First, provide the photos of the original remote control to confirm whether it was bought wrong.
2. If the indicator light is not on (no display on the display screen), check whether the battery contacts the positive and negative poles (or replace it with a new battery).
3. If there is no wrong purchase and display, the infrared camera function "mode" of the available mobile phone can not be used, and the "mode" can be automatically adjusted to refrigeration.
4. In case of program disorder, the factory setting can be restored by discharging (after taking out the battery, press and hold a key for 5 seconds, and then install the battery for a try)

test method

1. Turn on the camera function of the mobile phone, point the transmitter of the remote control at the camera hole for 1-3cm, and press each key to transmit a signal. If it is normal, the display screen of the mobile phone will see a bright light (Apple's mobile phone system is different and can't be tested).
Learning method of "TV control area" of set-top box remote controller: (before learning, ensure that the function of the original remote controller is normal)
1. Align the transmitter heads of the two remote controllers with a distance of 1-3cm, press and hold the "set" setting key of the remote controller for 3 seconds, and release after the indicator light flashes.
2. Press the key to learn from "this remote control", such as "power" key, and the indicator light will turn on for a long time.
3. Press the key of the corresponding function of the "original remote control", such as the "power" key, and the indicator light starts to flash.
4. Continue to repeat steps 2-3 to learn other keys such as "AV / TV", "volume +" volume - ". After learning, press" set "to exit (the indicator light goes out). be careful
1. During the learning process, if there is no signal input within 10 seconds, the indicator light will automatically turn off and exit the learning state.
2. The TV remote control must be set before it can be used for learning. The corresponding functions of "TV / AV" are "video", "source", "signal source" and "signal selection".
3. Do not use the old battery. If the power is not enough, you will not be able to learn and use.
4. If it is found that a function key has been learned incorrectly, it can be learned again to cover the original signal. If the sensitivity of the original remote controller is not good, it is difficult to learn.
5. The "Settings" of some set-top box remote controls are also called "set", "learning", "setting" and "copy"


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